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Waves Crossword

Complete the following crosswordd

1. Colour produced when the colours of the spectrum are combined.
2. Term given to describe the bending of light as it travels into another medium.
3. Image that is not real is said to be this.
4. Another word for upside down.
5. Area of darkness when an object blocks rays of light.
6. A medium which doesn't allow light to pass through it.
7. Formed when light rays intersect.
8. When white light is split up into the colours of the rainbow.
9. Colour formed when red and blue combine.
10. The distance between two crests on a wave of light.
11. Colours of the rainbow that mix together to form white light.
12. Light we can see well is said to be this.
13. Describes light bouncing off a shiny surface.
14. Not very well lit up.
15. Shiny surface which light bounces off.
16. Sound travels as this type of wave.
17. The bending of light as it travels from one medium to another.
18. Colour of the visible spectrum with the shortest wavelength.
19. Able to be seen through.