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Wave Frequency and Period Calculations

Complete the following table to determine the frequency or period”

10 s
1250 s
24 hours
9.2 x 106 Hz
5.9 x 1018 Hz

Use the wave equation to find the frequency of the following electromagnetic radiation.
N.B. Electromagenetic radiation travels at 3 x 108 ms-1.

a) Cell phones at 900 MHz.

b) FM radio station of 93.0 MHz.

c) Red light at a frequency of 4.7 x 1014 Hz.

d) Gamma rays at a frequency of 2.0 x 1020 Hz

Extension Activities

Explain the two following examples or real world situations.

a) What comes first, thunder or lightning? Explain why.

b) Why is FM radio “line of sight” in order to receive the radio signal?