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The Night Sky Crossword

1. Evidence to show that a star is moving away from the observer.
2. Apparent change in frequency due to a moving source.
3. The Universe is said to be size. ?
4. Instrument used to observe light spectra.
5. Scientist who studies the night sky.
6. Visible colour of light with the longest wavelength.
7. Massive object which burns by nuclear fusion.
8. Huge group of gas dust and stars held together by gravity.
9. Inverse of period
10. Evidence to say that a star is moving towards the observer.
11. A large cloud of gas and dust in space.
12. Distance travelled by light in one year
13. Name of unmanned spacecraft used to investigate planets of the solar system.
14. Optical device used to observe stars in the Universe.
15. Name given to the 'red' planet.
16. Technology that orbits the earth and is used, for example, for communications.
17. Gas that makes up 78 of the atmosphere that we breathe.
18. Space vehicle used by NASA for missions into Earth's orbit.
19. Name given to the gas giant the most distant from the Sun.
20. An exploding star at the end of it's lifetime and the largest explosion in space.