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The Night Sky Crossword 2

1. Device used to photograph the night sky.
2. Name given to a large object in the solar system which was once considered to be a planet.
3. Device for viewing the night sky on low magnification.
4. Device for viewing the night sky on high magnification.
5. Piece of equipment used to keep a telescope steady.
6. Could be seen burning in the atmosphere.
7. Used on a torch to produce red light to assist with retaining your night vision.
8. Used in a telescope to focus the light.
9. Rocky object found in space less than 1000 km across. 10
10. .Name given to a meteor that reaches the Earth's surface without burning up in the atmosphere.
11. Largest planet in the solar system.
12. Large constellation in the southern night sky. Sometimes referred to as the Pot'
13. Name of the closest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way.
14. Useful biological optical instruments for locating objects in the night sky.