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Space Research Tools of the Trade


The purpose of this activity is to find out about the “tools of the trade”that an astronomer uses.

Time Allocation

The time frame for this poster activity is one to two sessions.

Equipment and resources required to create the poster
• A3 paper
• Coloured and white A4 paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Rulers
• Felt Pens
• Pens, pencils and rubbers
The library, internet access and or books on astronomy
will be required to carry out this research activity.


  1. Break the class up into groups of approximately 4- 6.
  2. Assign each group member a role in their team:
    • Team leader and motivator
    • Timekeeper
    • Equipment collector
    • Design and layout
    • Researcher
    • Presenter
    Each task is flexible and may or may not be assigned.
  3. The groups are then expected to work together to produce an A3 poster which describes and
    discusses their particular astronomical tool. Each member of the group is required to produce
    a piece of work which is to be included in the poster.
  4. Once the posters are completed the presenter of the group presents the poster to the rest of the class.
  5. The posters can then be pinned to the wall.
    Research Topics
    These are some possible topics for this activity:
    • Reflecting Telescopes • Refracting Telescopes • Kepler Space Telescope
    • Radio Telescopes • Hubble Space Telescope
    • Binoculars • Star charts