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Planet Earth Crossword 2

1. Sunrise and sunset are caused by the Earth's .
2. The gravitational pull from the moon causes .
3. The Earth takes 1 year to the Sun once.
4. A solar eclipse is caused when sunlight from the Sun is blocked by the .
5. The seasons are caused by the Earth orbiting the Sun and being at an angle of approximately 23 degrees.
6. The top and bottom halves of the Earth are called the Northern and Southern .
7. The imaginary line around the middle of the Earth is called the .
8. The Earth is the planet from the Sun.
9. The icy areas at the bottom and top of the Earth are called the North and South .
10. The Earth is 150 million kilometre from the Sun. This distance is called an unit.
11. The moon is considered to be a of the Earth.
12. The Earth is one of the planets of the solar system.
13. The orbital shape of the Earth as it travels around the Sun is an .
14. The Earth's orbit around the Sun is in a flat .