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Physics Speed vs Time Motion Questions

Classroom Activity
Motion Question
During a car testing trial a small test car was driven along a road. The car was timed at intervals by an electronic timer.

The following data was obtained from reading directly from the digital readout. Fill in the missing gaps.

Time (s)0102030405060708990100
Distance (m)0 100100 400 600 1100 2000

1. Plot a distance versus time graph.

  1. Describe the motion of the car:

    ii) during the first 60 seconds

    i) during 60 to 100 seconds

  2. Plot a speed versus time graph of the car’s motion.

4. Describe the motion of the car:

i) during the first 210 seconds

ii) during 240 to 300 seconds

5. Calculate the acceleration of the car from the graph during the first 210 seconds. Show all
your working.