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Physics Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion Questions

Newton’s second law is F = m.a. However this can be adapted to include velocity and time. This is because the acceleration is equal to the change in velocity divided by the change in time.

F = m.a

but a = Δt

therefore F = m Δt The a is replaced by Δt
Δv Δv

  1. A 300kg motorcycle accelerates at 5ms-2. Calculate the force produced by the engine.

2. A 60kg Olympic sprinter exerts 600N of force during a race. Calculate the acceleration.

3. A car weighing 900kg accelerates at 3ms-2. Calculate the engine force required to achieve this acceleration.

4. A jumbo jet weighing 350 tonnes accelerates on take off at 20ms-2. What is the engine force required to achieve this acceleration?

5. A bicycle rider and push bike has a combined mass of 100kg. The rider speeds up from a standing start to 20ms-1 in 10 seconds. What force is required to achieve this?

6. A sparrow decelerates from 15ms-1 to land on a tree branch in 5 seconds. The mass of a sparrow is 200g. What force is required from the sparrow to land on the tree branch?