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Physics Newtons 1st Law of Motion Questions

Netwon’s Laws of Motion and be able to calculate simple problems involving force, mass and acceleration.A racing car of mass 800 kg has entered a race. Answer the following questions about forces on the racing car:

1. On the figure below label the arrows for the four forces acting on the car.

    2. Discuss the sizes of these forces when the car is
    i) accelerating at the start of the race.

    ii) travelling at constant speed.

    iii) decelerating at the end of the race.

    3. Calculate the force required when the car accelerates at 8 ms-2 at the beginning of the race.

    4. The car is stationary. Calculate the size of the reaction force from the road on the car. In what
    direction does this reaction force operate?

    NB. The acceleration due to gravity is 10ms-1