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Physics Motion Exercises\

    Convert the following data collected during the test trials to the other units indicated. For all answers provide the correct SI units.

    a) The mass of the car was 900 kg. What is the car's mass in tonnes?

    b) The trials covered a distance of over 121.5 km. This included setting up the equipment and travelling to the test area. How many metres is the distance travelled?

    c) The timing equipment measured data in seconds. It could also measure in milliseconds and microseconds. How many milliseconds and also microseconds is 120 seconds?

    The car used a total of 4.6 litres of petrol when it was driven 55.2 kilometres.

    a) How many kilometres of fuel does it burn for every 1 litre of fuel it uses?

    b) Convert the amount of fuel it burns to kilolitres.

    c) How many megametres is 55.2 metres?