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Physics Mass and Weight Crossword

1. Force due to gravity
2. Matter is made of these
3. Force created by a planet.
4. Force is a vector because it has size this an direction
5. For every force there is equal and opposite...?
6. The units for this are kg
7. All forces require this to act
8. The result of a force
9. Planet where the acceleration in metres per second squared equals 10
10. Used to measure time
11. Famous scientist
12. A force pushes or does this.
13. Concept used to describe a force acting over a distance
14. Large objects in the solar system
15. A large object is considered to be this in a gravitational field
16. Device used to measure force.
17. Balanced forces add up to equal this amount
18. An object does this when an unbalanced acts.
19. Gravity is this type of force
20. Describes energy being lost in a collision
21. Object with a gravity field that is 16 of Earth's gravity
22. Largest object in the solar system