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To Determine Speed.


The average speed of a car can be measured by looking at how far it travels in a certain time.

 The average speed of the car = total distance travelled

                                                             total time taken


The units are usually kmh-1 or ms-1. When plotting a graph of distance versus time, time must
be constant and then the speed can be determined by calculating the slope of the graph. To
determine this calculate the slope of the graph. This is the: rise



Time (s) Distance (cm)
0 0
0.1 1
0.2 2
0.3 3
0.4 4
0.5 5




  1. The analysis of the motion of a moving object
  2. Plot a labelled distance vs time graph and in your words describe the motion.











NB. Time is on the x axis









Description of the motion.