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Physics Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Questions

The opposing forces are balanced on the car. Is it stationery or moving at constant speed.
Explain your answer

Explain what would happens after the shuttle’s engine thrust id turned off in terms of any balanced or unbalanced forces that may or may not be acting.

Explain in terms of balanced and unbalanced forces, what is happening to the planes motion.

Calculate the of the unbalanced force and acting on bumblebee which is sitting on the flower. The mass of the bee is 50 grams and the upward reaction force from the flower is 0.1 N.

Net force is:__________________________________________________

Are the bumblebee and flower moving? If so in which direction? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Draw an arrow or arrows to identify any force or forces acting. Explain why the book is stationary.

Draw an arrow or arrows to identify any forces acting on the fan boat which will explain why the fan boat is accelerating forward. Ensure consideration is given to the size and direction of these forces
that are acting on the boat.