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Metals and Their Compounds Poster Activity

Research Activity: Design a Poster — Metallic Bonding
The purpose of this activity is to design a poster on a metal. The poster should include:
• The metal’s symbol and name.
• Its physical properties:
• Melting point • Boiling point
Density • How it oxidises, e.g. tarnishes
How well it conducts heat and electricity • Colour
Can it be found as a metal in the ground? • State
• Its uses for people and industry.
• Include any other relevant information.

The poster should be A3 in size. Students can work in groups. The library could be used to find out the
information or students could be set homework to find out the necessary information.
Once complete, pin the posters to the classroom wall. Groups can report their findings to the entire class.
Summarise metals and their uses on the whiteboard. Electronic media such as PowerPoint is an option.