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Geology Volcanoes Research

Research and report on a particular active volcano on the Earth’s surface. All three different volcano types
should be covered by the class.

Your report should include:
• The volcano’s name
• Any relevant diagrams
• A description of the volcano
• The structure of the volcano
• The rock types present
• Any other relevant information
• Glossary and reference list.

• Visit the library and look through the relevant texts
• Google search ‘active volcanoes’

The final report can be presented to the class in any of the following formats:
• Poster format
• Written format
• Spoken presentation
• Electronic media.
The report can be marked using the following assessment schedule:

Volcano’s name: 1 mark

Accurate and complete description: 10 marks

Fully-labelled diagrams: 5 marks

Glossary of relevant scientific terms: 2 marks

Reference list indicating at least three sources of information: 2 marks

Total _________ out of 20marks