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Geology Rock Formation Word Find

    The first letter for each answer has been provided for you.

    Sedimentary Clues:

    1. When loose sediments are changed into sedimentary rock or rocks. L

    2. The solidifying of the rock due to calcite or silica. C

    3. The squashing together of particles and the removal of water. C

    4. The name given to the particles which make up sedimentary rock. S

    5. The laying down of particles after being transformed by a physical mechanism such as rivers. D

    6. Name given to a process by which rock particles can be formed. E

    7. This causes erosion. W

    Metamorphic Clues:

    1. Required to form a metamorphic rock. H

    2. Name given to temperature increasing with increasing depth. G

    3. Metamorphic rock forms in the S state.

    4. This increases with increasing depth in the Earth's crust. P

    5. It takes T for rocks to change under heat and pressure.

    6. This is an example of metamorphic rock. G

    7. Metamorphic rocks are usually formed deep in the Earth's C

    Igneous Clues:
    1. Igneous rocks are formed when M cools.

    2. Igneous rocks can be ejected from V

    3. A volcanic rock with air holes and that floats on water. P

    4. Name given to a solid magma chamber. P

    5. Name given to the explosive eruption of molten rock. P

    6. Name given to the crater that forms at the top of a volcano when it collapses in the centre. C

    7. Name given to a crack where magma intrudes, cools and forms igneous rock. D

    8. When magma flows over the Earth's surface it is called L