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Geology Research Exercise – Fossils

This science provides us with information such as:
The study of fossil remains is called paleontology.
• Where there is oil, or coal What the environment was like
• History of plants and animals What the weather was like
• Information about the environment What plants and animals lived there
Plus other particular information on plant or animals species.

Equipment needed:
• A3 paper A4 coloured paper
• Felt pens • Glue
• Scissors (Nb.These are needed for the poster design.)


  1. Break the class into small groups of 4 – 6.
  2. Each group is to research their particular topic – see topic list below.
  3. Each group designs a wall poster, which explains and discusses their aspect or example of fossils.
  4. Each group should have tasks allocated: Leader, recorder, time-keeper etc.

Possible Topic List:
• Fossilised sea creature remains
• Fossilised shells
• Fossilised plants or animal remains
• A fossil timeline or history
• Information on the past environments
• Dating of fossils

Once the poster is completed, each group is to present it to the class. Each group should also produce a one page summary of their topic. These summaries can be photocopied by the teacher to distribute to all class members. Electronic media are an option for this activity if sufficient computers etc. are available. Students could present their research as, for example, a power point presentation.Any information could be pinned to the classroom wall. This would build up a comprehensive”picture” of identifying and explaining different fossil types and their history.