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Geology Metamorphic Rocks Wordfind


    Metamorphic rocks are said to be: deep inside the Earth's crust.

    Metamorphic rocks don't usually change with exposure to this: .

    Metamorphic rocks can be found on: plate boundaries.

    Name given to increase in depth with temperature: .

    Very hard and course-grained rock: .

    Physical feature used to classify metamorphic rocks: .

    Metamorphic rocks change when they are in the: state.

    Process by which minerals change under heat and pressure: .

    Name of rocks formed by heat and pressure: .

    This must be high for metamorphic rocks to form: .

    Pressures involved when metamorphic rocks are changed: .

    Type of metamorphic rock: .

    Metamorphic rocks can be classified according to their: .

    For metamorphic rocks to form the pressure was in the: .

    Pressures involved when metamorphic rocks are changed:

    Metamorphic rocks with thin layers: .

    This increases as depth increases: .

    This is required to ensure rocks can melt then change: .

    Name given to original rock before heat and pressure: .

    This must happen for metamorphic rocks to be on the Earth's surface: .

    Name given to sediments hardening into rock: .

    Mineral found in metamorphic rock: .