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Geology: Laying Down of Sediments Wordfind

Sediments are deposited over time in layers. The oldest layers are at the bottom. Over time sediments fuse
together to form sedimentary rock. By studying the layers the events of the past can be pieced together.
Complete the following word find by answering the questions.

  1. Layers produced when 18. suspended in water. particles are laid down with the horizontally.
  2. The material deposit by rivers.
  3. Wearing of rock caused by particles rubbing against rock.
  4. Breaking down of rock close to the Earth’s surface.
  5. Rounded sedimentary rock cemented together.
  6. When strata becomes broken.
  7. Thinnest layers in a strata.
  8. These are found in sedimentary rocks.
  9. When a river spreads into many streams.
  10. A mixture of fine particles suspended in water.
  11. The surface that separates layers in sedimentary rocks.
  12. Material that is being laid down over time from erosion and transportation.
  13. When wind, water or ice wear down the sea Earth’s surface.
  14. Layers of sedimentary rocks.
  15. When a river bends and twists over the country side.
  16. The laying down of a vertical rock strata.
  17. The size of the particles in sedimentary rock
  18. When sedimentary rock particles are laid down with the larger particles at the bottom.
  19. When rock strata is broken and the rocks moved to one side.
  20. Occurs in streams and smooths the surface of rocks as they wash down to the sea.
  21. Can crack and break up rocks.
  22. A type of sedimentary rock.
  23. Another type of sedimentary rock but with very fine particles.
  24. Transports rocks down to sea.
  25. This mechanism of erosion can wear down mountains over long periods of time.