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Geology Layers Experiment

Aim: To demonstrate how layers of rock can change shape over time.
• Plasticine
• Knife
• Working

A. Working alone, or in pairs, form 4 blocks of plasticine. Each block should have 4 layers of different colours.

With each block apply forces or cuts to the block. Draw the resulting pattern in the boxes provided.The forces
or cuts are indicated in the diagrams.

Draw the results of the 4 investigations.

For each plasticine example explain how the process occurs with natural Earth processes.

  1. This is the process of folding when layers of Earth buckle as pressure is applied from both ends.
  2. This demonstrates how layers can be compressed when material presses down from up above.
  3. This shows how layers can be split apart as land slides and or slips away due to e.g. a landslide.
  4. This demonstrates how layers can fracture due to external forces such as an earthquake.

Research Exercise – Layers
Locate and find out about a real example of one of the 4 Earth process plasticine exercises.
Write up a report on your own paper which includes a description of the example, a labelled diagram and where
this is located for your report. Electronic media is an option for your report. Present your example to your class.