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Geology Jigsaw on Igneous Rocks

Equipment needed:

• A3 paper • A4 coloured paper.
• Felt pens • Glue
• Scissors • Rulers
(NB. These are needed for the poster design.)

This activity could be carried out in the library to ensure there is easy access to resources.


  1. Break the class up into approximately 8 groups (or groups of 2-3 members).
  2. Each group designs a wall poster, which discusses their aspect of igneous rocks.
  3. Each group member should have tasks allocated: Leader, recorder, time-keeper etc.

Topics for Igneous Rocks:

  1. Different kinds of igneous rocks.
  2. How igneous rocks form.
  3. Classifying igneous rocks.
  4. Physical properties of igneous rocks.
  5. An environment where there is a large amount of igneous rocks.
  6. A specific example of an igneous rock (or rocks).

Once the poster is completed each group is to present it to the class. Each group should also produce a one
page summary of their topic.

These summaries can be photocopied by the teacher to distribute to all class members.

Electronic Option •

If computers are available it is worth considering producing the presentations in an electronic format e.g. pow
point and data projector. Thumbnails could be printed off so that all class members can have a set of notes.