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Geology Gondwanaland

Over 200 million years ago a super-continent existed in the southern hemisphere. This continent contained all
the world’s continents as they exist today. Over millions of years the continents drifted apart and have moved
into the positions that they are currently in today. The drift that occurred by the processes involved with plate
tectonics is called continental drift.

In this activity you will get to make a picture of Gondwanaland.

• Scissors
• glue
• felt tip pens

Photocopy the map of the world on the following page.

  1. Label the continents.
  2. Cut out the continents.
  3. Move the continents around and try and arrange them into one super-continent.
  4. Glue this super-continent onto another piece of paper
  5. Colour the super-continent.
    Note: The following page with the map of the world and super-continent should be photocopied and given to eacach student.

You will need to print this image.

Cut out the pieces and onto another piece of paper arrange them into 1 big continent. Colour the pieces,

Explain in your own words why you pieced your map together the way you did. In the space provided below.