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Energy, Work and Power Questions

calculate simple problems using work and energy.

  1. Calculate how much work is-clone when a small block of wood is dragged along a bench with a force of 2 N for 3 m.

  2. What is the force used to push a small flat deck truck a distance of 5 m when 4 kJ of energy is used up?

  3. The diagram shows a truck travelling at 50 km hr-1 (13.9 ms -1).
    The mass of the truck is 2 tonne.

  4. A book weighing 0.3 kg is dropped off a table by accident and falls to the floor which is 0.7 m below the table top. What is the loss in gravitational potential energy?
    Calculate the kinetic energy of the truck.

  5. If the truck’s kinetic energy is 400 kJ how fast is it going?

Holly walks up a flight of stairs 10 m high. Her mass is 35 kg.
6. Calculate her gravitational potential energy at the top of the stairs.

  1. If she accidentally drops a book of 500 g to the bottom of the stairwell what is the loss of gravitational potential energy of the book?

Extension Question

  1. How fast is the book travelling just before it hits the ground?