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Electricity Drawing Circuit Diagrams Activity

Draw circuit diagrams for the following pictures:

Part B
From the list of components, draw the circuit diagram and then construct the circuit.

1. A circuit to measure the voltage and current of a light bulb.

• Power pack
• Voltmeter
• Ammeter
• Light bulb
• Clip wires

2. A circuit which will alter the brightness of two bulbs in series but leave another • bulb at the same brightness.

• Power pack
• Three bulbs
• Clip wires
• Variable resistor

3. A parallel circuit where there are two light bulbs. One light bulb can have its brightness adjusted and voltage measured.

• Power pack
• Two light bulbs
• Variable resistor
• Clip wires

4. Extension Exercise

Find out how the following devices work:

• Remote control of a television
• Thermostat on a refrigerator
• Indicator circuit in a car
• Light dimmer for a room
• Or another circuit of your choice that your teacher agrees to.

Design a poster and present your research findings to the class.