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Chemistry Testing for Carbon Dioxide


5 test tubes
1 boiling tube
1 stopper and tube
1 pipette

Chemicals Required

Hydrochloric Acid (dil) HCl
Sodium hydrogen carbonate NaHCO3
Lime water Ca(OH)2

Test 1

Testing a large amount of Carbon Dioxide 

Note: the reaction is very fast, you will need to close boiling tube very quickly with the stopper acvnd the attached tube

First bubbles will be emitted from the tube into the limewater, until there is no more air in the tube, then CO2 will “precipitate” into the lime water turning it cloudy.

You can use a “significant amount of salt, acid and lime water.

Test 2:

Testing a smaller amount of CO2

Hold both the test tubes so that CO2 can flow from the reaction to the tube containing limewater.

Note: the amount of the chemicals used should be very little, if there is too much limewater, the CO2 will dissolve instead of precipitate and it won’t turn the limewater cloudy.

Be careful not the spill the solution into the limewater!

Test 3:

Testing a very very small amount of CO2

Note: In this case the amount of chemicals used needs to extremely samll