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Chemistry Burette and Pipette

Measuring Volumes Using a Pipette and Burette


  • Used to deliver a fixed volume of solution accurately
  • Come in a variety of sizes


  • wash with water (preferably distilled)
  • Rinse with solution to be pipetted (3 times)

Pipette Fillers

  • Bulb
  • Wind-up pipette fillers
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Mouth pipette (not advised)


  • Using a plastic bottle suck the solution 2-3cm above the line.
  • Close upper end of pipette with finger
  • Let liquid run out slowly by relaxing the pressure of your finger and rotating it on the pipette until the bottom of the meniscus reaches the line.
  • Drain it for 15 seconds, with the tip of the pipette in contact with the wall of the receiver vessel.
  • Don’t blow out any remaining liquid
  • If using a bulb or wind up pipette fillers then just pull solution until the bottom of the meniscus is on the line and drain as above


  • Used to deliver a variable volume of solution
  • Most commonly used for titrations


  • Wash with water (preferably distilled)
  • Rinse with small volume of solution to be used in the burette
  • Clamp burette vertically and fill with solution using a funnel
  • Remove funnel and run the solution through the tap until all air bubbles are removed


  • Take measurement from bottom of meniscus unless using liquids in which it is hard to see and therefore read from the top. e.g. permanganate