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Chemical Bonding Periodic Table Activity

Research Activity: Atomic

The first 20 Elements
The purpose of this activity is to construct a wall chart of the first 20 elements.

Equipment needed:
• A4 coloured paper • Glue stick
• Scissors • Rulers, pens, pencils and rubbers


  1. Break the class into 20 groups. 1-2 people per group is ideal but depending on the class size this
    is flexible.
  2. Each group chooses or is assigned one of the first 20 elements.
  3. Each group then finds as much information as possible on their element.
  4. Each group designs an A4 size wall poster of their particular element. Include as much
    information as possible on this element.
  5. Once all the posters are completed, each group presents the information to the class.
  6. All the posters can then be pinned to the classroom wall.