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Biology Pathogens Group Work Activity

Cooperative Group Work

This activity would require access to resource information such as the library or Internet.

  1. Divide the class into approximately 6 groups of equal numbers.
  2. Each group is assigned a pathogen that is considered harmful to people.
  3. Each group researches information about the pathogen, such as:
    a. Structure
    b. Life processes
    c. How it is harmful
    d. How we defend ourselves against the pathogens
    e. Treatment for the pathogen
    f. Any other relevant information
  4. Possible structure of the groups:
    Group 1: Viruses – AIDS
    Group 2: Viruses – Flu
    Group 3: Fungi – Ringworm
    Group 4: Fungi – Athlete’s Foot
    Group 5: Bacteria – Syphilis
    Group 6: Bacteria – Listeria
  5. Each group prepares an A3 poster on the pathogen. The materials required for this would be:
    A3 white paper
    A4 coloured paper
    Coloured felts or crayons
  6. Each group member should be responsible for a portion of the poster.
  7. Group members could also be assigned the following roles:
    Team Leader
    Time Keeper
    • Researcher(s)
    • Equipment and materials
    • Presenter(s)
  8. Once completed the projects can be presented to the class.
  9. Projects can be pinned to the classroom wall.

Alternative Presentation:
This activity also works well if it is presented in an electronic format or media. Consideration should be given to
the availability of an adequate number of computers and data storage media.