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Biology Micro-organisms Research Activity

The purpose of this activity is to find out about several micro-organisms and their applications.


  1. Gain access to the library and/or Internet.
  2. Break the class into groups of approximately 4 people each.
  3. Assign each group a micro-organism.
  4. Each group then researches an aspect of the micro-organism which is useful to humans.
    Examples of this could be:
    • Yeast and alcohol production
    • Bacteria and making yoghurt
    • Fungi to make antibiotics
  5. Print the information or save to electronic media. Design a poster which displays the research findings.
    This could be in an electronic format, as an alternative.
    Materials needed for a poster would be:
    • A3 paper
    • A4 colo.ured paper
    • Rulers
    • Felt pens or crayons etc.
    • Glue sticks
  6. The groups can then present the poster or electronic media to the class.
  7. Posters or electronic materials printed off can be then pinned to the wall.

Another variation is to photo-reduce the posters, etc. to A4 paper. Enough material could be photocopied to
produce a copy for every member of the class.