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Biology Managing Plants and Animals Assignment

Managing Both Plants and Animals.

The following principles provide a framework to manage both plants and animals. This is an overview of the
things that need to be considered when managing both plants and animals.
• Economy • Environment • Ecology • Ethics
• Growth • Reproduction • Breeding • Sustainability

Research Activity: Plant and Animal Management

Animals: • Salmon • Deer • Sheep • Cattle

Plants: • Grapes • Tomatoes • Potatoes • Apples

• Ask a question associated with each criteria:
Economy: What will it produce and who will buy it?
Ecology: What natural conditions are needed to grow the plant or animal?
Ethics: How can we manage and ensure that any animals are humanely treated?
Growth: What food or nutrients are needed for growth?
Reproduction: How are young plants or animals cared for?
Breeding: Are there any specialist techniques used for breeding?
Sustainability: What practices can ensure the farm can sustain itself into the future?