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Biology Immunity Post Box Activity

This activity provides useful feedback about how much students know about immunity. It can be used for any
content material.

• 4 to 6 small boxes that are numbered • Sheets of A3 paper
• Felt pens and or crayons • A4 paper

Part 1

  1. Ask for 4 to 6 questions on immunity from the class. Write the questions on the whiteboard and number the questions.
  2. Students are provided with a piece of A4 paper. The paper is cut into the equivalent number of questions and each piece of paper is numbered.
  3. Students answer the questions by writing the answers on the piece of a paper i.e. question 1 on piece of paper
    numbered 1.

    Part 2
  4. Collate all the questions together by posting them in the correct post-box, i.e. question 1 in post-box number 1.
  5. Break the class into groups. There should be the same number of groups as post-boxes.
  6. Each group produces an A3 poster of the collated question responses. This can be in any presentation format such as: scatter diagram, bar graph, pie graph, etc. Electronic media could also be used as opposed to the poster format.
    Hint: It is helpful to write the question on the poster. Part 3
  7. Once the poster is complete have each group present the posters to the class.
  8. Finish by pinning the posters to the wall. Finally, summarise the correct answers to the questions as a handout sheet or on the whiteboard.