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Biology Genetic Variation Jig Saw Activity

The Genetic Rules.

Equipment Needed:
• A3 white paper
• A4 coloured paper
• Felt pens or crayons etc
• Glue
• Scissors
Note: These are needed for the poster design


  1. Break the class into approximately 8 groups.
  2. Each group is to research their particular topic. See the topic list below.
  3. Each group designs a wall poster which discusses their particular topic.
  4. Each group member should be allocated a role, such as: leader, timekeeper, recorder, designer(s),
    researcher(s) etc.

Possible topics for genetic variation:
• Genes that don’t dominate and partially show through as a feature.
• Genes that are linked to the sex chromosomes.
• Genetic change such as mutations.
• More than 2 alleles for the one feature.
• Alleles on the same chromosome that show through together.

The description of the genetic variation should be linked to a particular example. Once the poster is completed
each group can present it to the class. Each group should produce a one page summary of their topic. These
summaries can be photocopied by the teacher and distributed to all the class members.

Alternative Option: Electronic Presentation.
If a data projector is available students could consider presenting their topic in an electronic format.