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Biology Genetic Diseases Research Activity

Research Activity: Genetic Diseases and Problems
For this activity the library and Internet will need to be available.

Genetic Diseases and Problems
Problems can occur in genetics. Research a genetic disease to find out more about it. You might like to consider
or find out about:
• The scientific name.
• A description of the condition.
• Any diagrams that would help or explain how the condition occurs.
• How the condition is treated medically?
• What are the long term outcomes for the patient?
• Any medical research that is happening to help people with this condition.

Some genetic diseases are:
• Down Syndrome
• Turner’s Syndrome
• Klinefelter’s Syndrome

Present the report to the class in either written or electronic format. Hand the report into your teacher for
marking. Ensure the report covers the descriptors in the assessment schedule.

DescriptorComment Mark
Title included/1
Accurate an
Fully labelled
Glossary of
relevant terms
References: minimum
3 sources
of information