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    Part A

    Complete the following questions about chromosomes and genes. The library and internet may be needed as
    the answers are not provided in the explanations provided earlier in this unit.

    1. What are the 4 base pairs that make up the rungs of the DNA spiral ladder?

    2. How do the 4 bases from question 1 link together as the rungs?

    3. Describe what is meant by the genetic code.

    4. Describe how DNA self replicates.


    Part B
    What happens when an error occurs with the replication of DNA in human beings?
    Ask research questions such as:
    1. Does a disease form? If so what is its name?
    2. Will the organism survive?
    3. Are there genetically inherited mistakes?
    4. Are there medical treatments available for any mistakes?

    Present a report to your teacher on your findings in written or electronic format:
    In your report include:
    • An aim or purpose for the research.
    • A method that you use to carry out the research.
    • The results of your findings.
    • A conclusion. This should state whether or not you have achieved your aim.
    • Possible further research options beyond the topic.
    • Any limitations to the research or areas for improvement.
    • A reference list of material, books or websites you used.