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Biology Bacteria Fungi and Viruses Research Activity

In groups of 4 to 6 design a poster which describes bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Resources and Equipment
• Library or Internet
• A3 paper
• A4 coloured paper
• Rulers
• Glue sticks
• Felt pens or crayons or colouring in pencils
• Pencils and rubbers
• Scissors


  1. Assign roles to the group members:
    Leader, Timekeeper, Researcher(s), Equipment, Designer.
  2. Each member is assigned a role in designing a part of the poster, e.g. 2 members on viruses, 2 members on
    bacteria, 2 members on fungi.
  3. Each member designs part of the poster. Assigned roles are managed concurrently.
  4. Once the posters are complete they can be presented to the class.
  5. The posters can then be pinned to the classroom wall.