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Biology Animal Energy Investigations

How Animals Obtain Energy.
A major difference between plants and animals is that animals do not make their own food internally. All
animals must eat to survive – this is how they obtain their energy.

Animal Investigations
The following topics are investigations that can be carried out with insects or, for example, slaters. These
investigations research how animals obtain their energy.
a) How animals find their food. b) How animals choose their food.
c) How animals eat their food. d) Behaviours and adaptations to eat their food.

Select one of the topics for your investigation and use the template to carry out the investigation. As there are
4 topics the topics should be shared out evenly between class members.

The investigation should include:

• The aim of the investigation, i.e. ask a question,”To find out…?”
• A method or logical set of instructions to carry out the investigation. Diagrams can be useful here to
help explain what is happening.
• A results section, e.g. a table of data.
• The report on the investigation. This should include the answer to the question you have just asked
in the aim. The conclusion should be supported by findings in the investigation and mention any
limitations or improvements.