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Atoms Questions

  1. Draw an example of a lithium atom. Lithium has 3 protons, 3 electrons and 3 neutrons. label your diagram.

    Provide descriptions of the following particles as well as location in the atom.
    a) Electron

    b) Proton

    c) Neutron

    2. Complete the table on the properties of all the sub-atomic particles:


    3. Complete the following paragraph. Key words are provided. There are more words than required. You may use a word more than once:

    Electrons are __________________ charged and __________________the nucleus. They are very _________________ compared to the _________________ and neutrons. Protons are found in the_____________________ and have a positive_______________. The neutrons have a __________________ charge and are found in the nucleus alongside the________________.

    4. Energy levels (orbitals) around the nucleus.

    Draw a Sodium atom’s energy levels and add in the correct number of electrons to each energy level. Label your diagram.