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Explore and explain the possibilities for human space exploration of deep space.


Equipment needed:
Coloured A4 paper
White A3 paper (10 sheets)
Felt pens
Glue sticks

In A3 poster form design a plan for a space ship to explore deep space. Use felt pens and\

Different coloured paper to make the poster look good. The ship needs to take into account:
• Gravity and weightlessness
• Energy supplies
• Food and oxygen supplies
• Eating, sleeping, washing and toilets
• Waste disposal
• Entertainment and exercise
• Medical facilities
• Command center
• Engineering
• External radiation protection
• Defence
• Education
Plus any other important design features.

2. In your own words on separate paper write a report describing what it would be like to
explore deep space in the space ship you have designed. Consider this from a mission
perspective where you have to both chart and explore strange new worlds, The report
should be no more than 3 pages long and could include diagrams.