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Astronomical Organisations and Research

The astronomical society will usually schedule a members’viewing night which is held once a month. However members are welcome to use the observatory at any time. Public meetings can be organised at any
time simply by ringing the society. Contact information for bookings, etc. is posted on their website.

Societies have a great depth of experience, a range of sophisticated equipment and usually a library with textbook resources. The equipment and resources are normally available to members through
a booking system. Individual members are usually well equipped and more than willing to share and discuss their own equipment.

Contact a local society if there is one close or if not go online.. Find out everything you can about them.

Things such as:

  • Viewing nights
  • President, committee members
  • Contact person
  • What I need if I can come along
  • Venue and address
  • Website
  • Car parking

If you like astronomy see if you can join. Many members have a wealth of knowledge of what is in the night sky and where to find the stars, constellations and galaxies.