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Acids and Bases Common Acids and Bases Crossword

Complete this crossword

1. Vinegar is found in most homes and is considered to be?
2. Elements that are not metals.
3. This happens when an acid and base combine together.
4. This gas makes up 78 of the air.
5. Acid that forms when sulfur trioxide dissolves in water.
6. Gas that forms when a fuel burns in a plentiful supply of air.
7. Carbon dioxide dissolved in water reacts with this material to form caves.
8. Opposite of a base.
9. Another name for alkalies.
10. A very corrosive base.
11. Another name for burning.
12. Name of acid formed when carbon dioxide dissolves in water.
13. Acids have a bitter and ... taste.
14. Name of an inert gas, that doesn't form an acid or base.